NCS Friday Principal Update 9-22-23 Greetings Lynx Families, As I write today, we conclude our fifth week of school, saying goodbye to the last day of Summer and hello to the first day of Fall. Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. Between now and then, we have much work to do! I would like to thank families, staff, students, and the community at large for everyone's efforts to welcome students back to school, set the expectations for conduct, rigor and attitude, and for embracing the learning process. Last Friday marked the mid-quarter believe it or not. Fall sports and the after school program are well underway, with Cross Country competing in the regional tournament this Saturday at Tri-Valley. Volleyball traveled out on Thursday to Cordova to see their first action of the season. Soccer is traveling Friday to Delta for games this weekend. The official start date for Wrestling season is September 27. Open gyms have been occuring on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We are excited by the numbers of students that are participating in varsity sports, after school activities, and open gyms. Next week, there are a few events worth noting. On Tuesday, 9/26 we will host Mike Stevens the Harmonica Man and guitarist Marc Brown, who offer a program called Healing thru Music and Dance. There will be an all school assembly at 10am, followed by workshops during music classes. Wednesday, 9/26, is school picture day. Another event to put on your calendars is the Family STEM Night, which will begin at 5:30pm on 9/29 at the Nenana RV Park and Campground. In closing, I will leave you with a thought that has been engrained in our staff development work thus far; "The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its' teachers". It is through this lens that our teaching and support staff approach work each day. We look forward to working with families and community members to extend the learning beyond the school walls. Respectfully, David R. Huntington Asst. Superintendent NCSD Principal, Nenana City School 907-832-5464 (NCS office) District Website:
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School Picture Day Flyer for Wednesday, September 27, 2023, it is attached to this posting. We are still waiting for the hard copies to arrive by mail.
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NCS Picture Day Flyer 9-27-23
School Picture Day is next Wednesday, September 27th! Ordering flyers have not yet arrived by mail, but will be posted as soon as they arrive.
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Exciting news for Nenana City School! On September 18th, representatives from all branches of the military will be visiting our school to provide information, answer questions, and discuss various career options available to students interested in pursuing a future in the armed forces. We encourage all interested students to join us and explore the possibilities for their future.
18 days ago, Olivia Layfield
Lynx with armed forces
Dear Parents/Guardians, I am Brianna Ketzler, the Positive Youth Development Afterschool Program Coordinator through Nenana City Public School in partnership with Railbelt Mental Health and Addictions. I will be working with the youth of Nenana School to provide them with positive after school activities focusing on mental health and wellness. This program is available for Junior High (5th - 8th grade) and High School (9th-12th grade) students interested in building connections and support for success in their lives. Our activities will revolve around team building, wellness, leadership skills, STEM, culture, and reflection. Each meeting will include all of these different aspects as we work to equip students with strategies for managing stress and coping with everyday life. The Lynx Leaders will hold their meetings at the Nenana Recreation Center Classroom located at 402 3rd Street. Jr. High youth will have their meetings on Mondays from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Meanwhile, High School Youth will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. Snacks will be provided. Family Fun Nights will be offered once a quarter. This schedule will be effective from August 28th to September 29th. An updated schedule will be shared afterwards. I am excited to collaborate with young people and their families to develop resilience, strength, and empowerment towards success. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Ana Basee’ Thank You Brianna Ketzler (907) 987 5130
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Lynx Leaders Flyer
DON'T WAIT !! COME REGISTER to attend Alaska EXCEL! Alaska Excel plays a pivotal role in enhancing Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum within rural Alaska school districts. By leveraging our distinctive educational offerings, students gain access to unparalleled opportunities for career exploration, commencing as early as the 7th grade and extending through the summer subsequent to high school graduation. With a sharp focus on professions germane to their respective locales, participants engage with a diverse array of fields including healthcare, construction, heavy equipment operation, aviation, culinary arts, maritime endeavors, and more. Core sessions underscore essential life skills encompassing leadership and well-being, all while cultivating vital employability proficiencies. Furthermore, the program encompasses specialized modules such as College Prep and Credit Recovery, affording students the chance to prepare for life and aspirations beyond their high school years. Feel free to visit Olivia if you're interested!
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Greetings Lynx Families, Our first weeks back to school have been exciting.  Students and teachers are off and running, having established expectations and routines that are conducive to the learning process.  Thank you all for your support early on.  I hope everyone enjoys a long Labor Day weekend with friends and family. School will resume on Tuesday, September 5.  We will follow the early release schedule on Tuesday, with students being dismissed at 2pm.   Thank you,   -- David R. Huntington Asst. Superintendent NCSD Principal, Nenana City School 907-832-5464 (NCS office) District Website:
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Are you gearing up for your journey to college? The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is your gateway to a world of opportunities, and the time to register is now! The test will take place on Saturday November 4th !! Please come register with Olivia !!
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Lynx taking test
"Attention all future service-members! The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test date is fast approaching on Thursday, August 24th. This comprehensive assessment is a crucial step for individuals considering a career in the armed forces. Whether you're aiming for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, the ASVAB test will help determine your aptitudes and strengths, guiding you towards the best-fit military roles. Sharpen your pencils and bring your determination, as this test will gauge your skills in various areas such as math, science, and mechanical comprehension. Join us on August 24th to take the first step towards your rewarding journey of service to the nation."
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Lynx military
Parents/Guardians, Thank you for your patience and understanding with changes to the busing program. You should have received communication regarding the discontinuation of busing services for students. This message is intended to provide further details, as this surely presents logistical dilemmas for many of you. We are hopeful that the information that follows helps answer some of the questions you may have and transportation related hurdles this circumstance presents. It is our intention to do everything we can to make this change amenable to all while also creating the most student-friendly environment in the school building. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the main office at the school. Question: What time can I drop my child off? What if I need to drop them earlier? Answer: It has been communicated to families and Living Center staff and students that school doors open at 7:45am. Classes do not begin until 8:30am. We are attempting to encourage families of local students, as well as living center students, to delay entry into the building until 7:45. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of non-instructional time in the building prior to class beginning at 8:30am. In the event you have individual needs for your student to be dropped off sooner, please contact the main office. Classes will not begin until 8:30am, and prior to that time all teachers in the building are warranted their contractual duty free preparation time. Therefore, they and their classrooms may not be available to students until 8:25am. We will serve K-6 students at tables in the cafeteria. If your student arrives early, we will have supervision in the hall and cafeteria. K-6 students will be released from breakfast by grade-level cohorts, with supervision from the cafeteria to the gym. Paraprofessionals, student teachers, social workers and school administrators will collaborate to design age-appropriate morning activities for these students for the duration of non-instructional time. The gym will also be available to students in grades 7. Students in grades 7-12 will be served breakfast to go from the cafeteria. They are welcome to eat in the library or PIT areas, but not elsewhere in the building without approval from a teacher or administrator. Question: What time should I pick them up and where? What if I need them to stay later? School is out at 2:00pm on early release days (Mondays, parent/teacher conferences, others tbd). School is out at 3:00pm Tuesday through Friday. Students may be picked up outside the main entrance and/or elementary hall on C street, or out front of the entrance on 2nd street at that time. Students may also be picked up at the completion of any after school programming they are involved in. If students are not involved in after school programming, they will be asked to leave the building. If you have transportation challenges and desire your student to remain at the school beyond the scheduled release time, please encourage them to engage in after school programming opportunities. Beyond this, please communicate with the main office with special circumstances. Question: How much will I be paid per mile? Answer: The reimbursement rate for government travel is $0.655/mile Question: How and when will I be compensated? We will inform families when funds are available, hopefully sometime in September or early October. Families will be notified by the main office and stipends will be available for pickup at the main office. In the event you'd like your stipend mailed, that can be arranged as well. Question: How is the school calculating the mileage? Answer: Mileage will be determined by the distance from the school building to Parks Highway points of access to each residence within the District service area and on the bus route. Mileage rate is based off the government rate (see table below). Formula: round trip mileage x payout rate/mile x number of school days. Example: 30miles round trip x $0.655/mile x 170 school days = $3,340.5 Question: Can I get a list of other parents on my (North or South) bus route so I can collaborate? Answer: Yes, please reach out to the main office if you are interested in this information. Question: If I do want to collaborate, can I tell the school it’s ok to share my contact info with the other parents on my route? Answer: Yes, please reach out to the main office informing the school that you consent to release of information, and which information you wish to release. If you have any further questions that have not been addressed, please reach out to the main office to inquire. We will respond promptly with information relevant to your inquiry. Respectfully, -- David R. Huntington Principal, Nenana City School 907-832-5464 (NCS office) District Website:
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NCS Student Busing Update 8-9-23 Greetings, At the completion of the 2022-23 school year the District's contract with Aurora Transportation came to an end. Quotes received to continue busing were not financially feasible, and the decision was made to discontinue busing for the 2023-24 school year. The District will be issuing transportation stipends to families whose' residence falls within the service area and on the former bus route. Stipends will be funded through transportation aid issued to the District from the State for pupil transportation, and will be calculated based on distance of an eligible residence from the school building multiplied by a dollar amount per mile. The stipends are independent of the number of students in a household. These criteria are determined by the State, not the District. Families in the service area and on the bus route will be notified of their stipends as soon as possible. If you fall in this category and have not yet enrolled students with the main office, please do so as soon as possible so that you are factored into the equation. Surely, this change will be an inconvenience to families who formerly benefited from busing. We are hopeful that families can support one another with transportation needs and that the stipends help to offset some of the associated costs. David R. Huntington Principal, Nenana City School 907-832-5464 (NCS office) District Website:
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K-8 School Supply List for the 2023-24 school year is available! See attached.
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K-8 School Supply List 2023-24
8/3/23 Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! We are excited to welcome students and staff back into the building. School will open on Thursday, August 17. Doors will open at 7:45am daily, with classes beginning at 8:30am. Each Monday, students will be released at 2:00pm. Tuesday through Friday, classes will run until 3:00pm. We will follow the early release schedule on Thursday, 8/17. You can find a copy of the academic calendar in the documents folder on the school website as well as the Live Feed post from July 10. We invite you to an open house and ice cream social on Thursday, 8/17 from 3:00-5:00pm. I hope many of you are able to attend to help celebrate the start of a new school year and greet students and teachers. Should an emergency or natural disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, we want you to be aware that the school has made preparations to respond effectively. School administration will coordinate efforts with local emergency response and Alaska State Troopers. Nenana City School has a detailed crisis plan which has been formulated to respond to a variety of major catastrophes and/or emergencies. School staff participate in regular training exercises to ensure protocols are known and function as expected. The Nenana City School Crisis Plan is available in the documents folder on the school website. A Safety and Wellness committee meets routinely to review the crisis plan, training schedules, and communication procedures. If you have any questions, or interest in attending a meeting, please reach out to the main office. Please default to the information below in the event of an emergency: 1. Please do not telephone the school. Office personnel will be actively initiating emergency protocols and unable to attend to phone calls. 2. In the event of an emergency that does not warrant evacuation, students will be kept at school until they are picked up by a parent/guardian, who has been identified as such on official school district records. Please be sure you consider the following criteria when you authorize another person to pick up your child at school: ▪ He/she is 18 years of age or older. ▪ He/she is usually home during the day. ▪ He/she could walk to school, if necessary. ▪ He/she is known to your child. ▪ He/she is both aware and able to assume this responsibility. 3. Information will be relayed by the School District to parents/guardians via Swiftk12 PowerSchool messaging. As such, it is important that all contact information is current with the main office. 4. Please do not come to the school during an emergency until you have been notified that it is safe to do so. 5. Please impress upon your children the need for them to follow the directions of any school personnel in times of an emergency. School administration will send updated information via Swiftk12 PowerSchool messaging as it becomes available. Please default to this information as official school communication, regardless of what other information may be coming to you via text, social media, etc. In the event that evacuation is deemed appropriate, parents/guardians may pick up students at the designated reunification site – the Nenana Civic Center. The decision to keep students at school or to evacuate will be based upon relevant safety information from within the school building and surrounding area. Please discuss these matters with your immediate family. Planning ahead will help alleviate concern during an emergency should one ever occur. Sincerely, Mr. David R. Huntington Principal Nenana City School Please see the attached copy of the 2023-2024 district calendar. Hard copies of these documents will be mailed out next week.
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NCSD 2023-24 Calender
Attached is a screenshot of the academic calendar for the 2023-24 school year. You can find a pdf of the calendar in the documents folder as well under Nenana School - Current Year - Parent Information folder.
2 months ago, Dave Huntington
Nenana School Families, please take a moment to complete this quick Family Survey for our 21st Century grant program. Please complete this survey by Friday, May 12th. Teena Calkin, the grant coordinator, would love your input about the After School Programs. Thank you!
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Dear Families, Family STEM Night scheduled for Friday, May 5th has been cancelled.
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5 months ago, Andy Corbin
TEAM HOLLYWOOD COMING TO NENANA SCHOOL MAY 4, 2023! Nenana City School will host Team Hollywood Celebrity Streetball this Thursday, 5/4, at 4:30pm in the gymnasium. Team Hollywood is a superhero team specializing in mentoring and storytelling all while playing basketball. Please come by and enjoy the show, free of charge.
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Team Hollywood
Get your 2022-23 Nenana Lynx Yearbook before Time Runs Out! For a Hardcover book – it’s $40 by May 5th. From the 5th of May to the 12th of May it’s $45 and after that – it will have to be mailed to you and will cost you $58. You can pay with cash or check to Teena Calkin – please do this in person so you can receive your receipt. OR for credit card payments you can go to the Nenana City School website at, go to the very bottom where it says online payment – click there enter donation/yearbook, your name and the amount – either $40 or $30 and pay online. For a Softcover book – it’s $30 by May 5th. From the 5th of May to the 12th of May it’s $35 and after that – it will have to be mailed to you and will cost you $42.50. Same instructions as above just enter softcover yearbook, your name and the amount. After May 12th – the only way to receive a yearbook is to purchase it online and have it shipped to you, the cost being either $58 or $42.50. We have a limited number of books so please order now!! Teena Calkin:
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Here are the Links for the Curriculum Public Review Forms as it appears that they cannot be seen within the text of the announcements: Science: Health:
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