CTE Course Offerings

Small Engine Repair
This course enables students to gain comprehensive knowledge of various energy forms and of the methods of harnessing this energy into usable power. Special emphasis is placed on the development of habits concerning safety, good working relationships, and economical use of time and materials. Students work on small internal combustion engines. They dis-assemble, explore the functions of the major parts, reassemble, and run a variety of small one-cylinder engines (chain saws and lawn mowers).

Automotive I
This course introduces students to the various systems that work together in an automobile and to the mathematical and scientific principles, as well as the tools and equipment, that are involved in diagnosing, repairing and maintaining them.

Metal Shop I
This course covers the operation of shop equipment such as drill press, grinders, power equipment, and basic welding equipment and the safety practices used with each machine. The course covers the basic applied techniques of oxyacetylene and stick electrode welding. Class activities and lectures include safety procedures, basic skills, and knowledge of hand tools and identification of structure materials.

Woods I
This basic introductory course in woodworking emphasizes correct and safe use of hand tools and materials, with power equipment usage as appropriate. Students are required to pass a safety test. Student interest in woodworking is developed through construction of practical projects. Emphasis is also placed on cooperative working relationships in the operation and management of the shop.

Drone Part 107
The Drone Part 107 class has two components. The first part is an online test prep course for students looking to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test for a Remote Pilot Certificate, Part 107. The second part is where students will practice hands on safety, maintenance, and piloting skills using school UAV’s.

Aviation Ground School
This detailed comprehensive course will thoroughly prepare the student to satisfy the mandatory requirement of passing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written examination.

The FAA written is one (1) of three (3) mandatory requirements necessary to obtain the private pilots certificate. This Beginning Ground Course and Private Pilot Certificate are mandatory for a career in aviation.

The specific requirements for obtaining a Private Pilots License are:

  • Pass the FAA Private Pilot written exam with a minimum passing score of 70% (This course prepares the student for this requirement)

  • Pass an oral exam with a designated FAA examiner. (This course adequately Prepares the student to easily pass this requirement)

  • Pass a flight exam with a designated FAA examiner. (This requirement is completed with the student and his/her individual flight instructor in an aircraft)