Nenana Student Living Center

Welcome to the Nenana Student Living Center! We are a place for youth to achieve academic and vocational success while developing lifelong skills living in positive community with their peers. Our #1 priority is to equip youth with the tools necessary to thrive in the real world.

At the Nenana Student Living Center, we create a safe, nurturing home environment where students can succeed in all aspects of life. We are privileged to have a strong record of success. Scroll below to learn more about our program!

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We subscribe to the Assets Framework philosophy on youth development. Under the Framework, our staff are taught to encourage the growth of strong, capable, and caring individuals by making community a priority for our youth, by understanding that all of the youth under their guidance need assistance as they continue to develop, and by caring about even the smallest difference they can make in the youth’s lives. The Assets Framework philosophy is based on the latest research on youth resiliency and success. Learn more.

“The Living Center has many great opportunities and is a fun place to live. Basketball here is fun. The Living Center has helped me become more independent and to get a better education.” – Araya Stoffa, Fort Yukon


The Nenana Student Living Center has an optional evening study hall with tutoring available for all students who need academic assistance. Additionally, certified teachers from the high school regularly provide their own after school tutoring. Our staff genuinely desire to work with adolescents and see them succeed.

“I choose to come to the Nenana Student Living Center because I have heard good stories about living here. The classes are fun and both challenging and easy at the same time. The teachers are great and they care about your grades and your education. I think that the teachers here care about my education and about me. The RAs are really nice.” – Matilda Simon, Chevak

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Many of the students who come to Nenana often arrive without goals and unsure of their future. These same students usually graduate four years later confident of their career choices and prepared for the post-graduate training required to make them successful in the real world. Many students are equally unprepared for college life or for living on their own after high school. The Nenana Student Living Center provides infinite opportunities for students to experience campus-style living while learning valuable time management and independent life skills in high school before they go away to college or enter the workforce. These students experience personal growth, achievement, healing, and maturity. We set goals for our students, which include:

Career and Technical Education 

We offer numerous CTE courses, including Welding, Small Engine Repair, Auto Shop, and Construction Trades & Building Sciences, which afford our students the opportunity to receive state certification in those fields.

“I came to Nenana because it has a good reputation. There (are) a variety of classes at the school. I have adapted to living away from home and I want to graduate from the school here. Since moving to Nenana, I have made better choices in school and in my personal life.” – Tiana Ashepak, Kwethluk

Students in CTE Program

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We seek to foster a strong sense of community and a family atmosphere at the Nenana Student Living Center.

Parents can feel assured that our staff have a genuine interest in getting to know each and every student that participates in our program. We set goals for our staff, which include:

  • Ensuring basic student needs are met (physical, academic, social, emotional, etc.)

  • Providing support to effectively integrate all new students

  • Ensuring that each student has regular opportunity for one-on-one time so they are known

  • Providing and promoting activities that align with the Assets Framework

  • Role Modeling responsible social behavior at all times

  • Supporting students’ active participation in school and fostering academic success


The living center is divided into two wings, one for the girls and one for the boys. Each wing has the capacity to house up to 60 students. Our students come from villages large and small from all over Alaska. Our Residents Assistants (Ras) foster a nurturing and supportive, family atmosphere to create an ideal home-away-from home for each and every student.

Nenana is a good choice to choose as a boarding school because it is fun and there is so much stuff to do. The RAs and teachers care and love us and I have made so many cool friends here.” – Tyrell Larson, Russian Mission

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P.O. Box 442
Nenana AK 99760
Fax: (907) 832-5277

We expect to receive many more applications than openings available to new students, so it is very important to complete and return the application as soon as possible! Early submittal may improve your chances of being admitted. Please submit transcripts, tests scores, and any relevant assessments as outlined on the application. Students will be notified of their enrollment status after the screening committee reviews applications.

Thank you for your interest in the Nenana Student Living Center!