Transition Support

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The Nenana City School's Transition Coordinator will help prepare students for successful post-secondary academic and occupational training. Students will engage in transition planning during grades 7-12.  Students will have access to a wide network of partnership opportunities with statewide agencies, universities, and training facilities. Exposure to a multitude of college and career opportunities and readiness skills will enable students to make informed decisions about life beyond High School.

Need tutoring or just a little extra help?

Sunday through Thursday - Student teachers will be available at the Living Center from 7PM to 8 or 9PM for tutoring. Additionally, every Tuesday and Thursday will be office hours so you can work with any of your classroom teachers right after school for approximately 45 minutes.

Khan Academy offers tutoring in nearly all subjects, SAT prep, personal finance education and more. They have subjects and tutoring in all grade levels even pre-K.

TCC GO - if you are Alaska Native, sign up with TCC Go and you can receive free tutoring in any of your subjects. See the Transition Coordinator for more information.

ASVAB test preparation:

University of Alaska Fairbanks offers various forms of assistance for community members and students. See the link below:

UAF Scholarships

SAT/ACT/ASVAB & College Prep:

College Preparation - check back for frequent changes:
College Preparation Services (inclusive of admissions, financial aid, scholarships, ASVAB, SAT and ACT preparation) Check out the new Resource Center in the school library. There are books with practice questions, practice tests and computers for your use in finding information and signing up.

Many colleges are skipping these traditional tests and moving to a personal achievement portfolio. Your transition folder is a great place to hold those until you graduate and/or need them. This is your best marketing tool for yourself!

Assistance with need-based financial aid: Including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA (

FastWeb is a FAFSA resource page.

Scholarships Information:

Scholarship Search Tool through FastWeb:

National Scholarship Directory



From the Federal Student Aid website - this is a comprehensive website and applies to ALL students seeking financial aid.

Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship (

Morris K. Udall Foundation (

Gates Millennium Scholars program (




Alaska Pacific University:

Doyon Foundation Scholarships: Usually due around November 15th.

This organization will fund not just formal colleges, but 2 year, vocational and technical training as well as art institutes and culinary as well.

Equity and Diversity STEM Scholarship:

Usually due by November 30th


Hagen Scholarship Foundation This scholarship will pay up to $48,000 and additional $8000 for a study abroad year, investment account earnings up to $10,000 and a personal brokerage account of up to $2000. There are specific qualifications as far as both needs based and GPA. This scholarship has 2 free mandatory trainings to attend that teach you about investments and life skills. Click on the website below to check out the scholarship.

STEM Scholarship:

Vocational/Technical School Scholarship:

American Muscle Scholarship:

Dell Scholars Scholarship: December 1st deadline

Library Science Scholarship:

Science/Stem Scholarship:

Health Care Specific:



Public Service/Education Scholarship: Usually due by February 15th

Local Students GVEA Scholarship: Usually due by February 28th:

American Indian College Fund:

This website is specific to American Indians and Alaska Natives for scholarship assistance.

American Indian Graduate Center (

Alaska Native Corporations and their websites:

Most of the 14 Native Corporations in Alaska have at least one scholarship and many times more that you can apply for. Not sure of your corporation? Look at this website and find your corporation by the region you come from.

The CIRI Foundation Scholarships:

Calista Native Corporation:

Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) has information about scholarships, employment, grants, and all kinds of cool stuff. Great resource for our tribal member students.

TCC GO(grow our own) - this is an incredible resource for our Alaska Native students whether you are part of the TCC or from another region but being educated here. Once you have applied, you may qualify for tuition assistance, Internet assistance, assisting with needed devices for education and more. While it says it's for health care career fields - they are more often than not willing to expand their assistance to other careers. Please click on their link for scholarship information and more.

A graduate on your way to LAW SCHOOL? Here's a scholarship for you:

Online Career Counseling:

ACT - Career assessments and inventories designed to lead to congruence relative to our students’ talents and desired post-secondary training:

Career Zone – This site offers a cluster-approach to career exploration based on the Holland organization scheme.


Military Recruiters:
Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, high schools must provide military recruiters and institutions of higher education with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all secondary school students, unless those students or their parents tell the school in writing that they want that information kept private. This information is included on the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) form completed by parents, please be sure to complete or update this form for your students during registration, or annually if needed.

US Army Recruiting Station/Fairbanks: 907-455-6702

US Air Force Recruiting Station/Fairbanks: 907-374-0520

US Coast Guard Recruiting Station/Anchorage: 907-278-2447

US Marine Corps Recruiting Station/Fairbanks: 907-456-1813

US Navy Recruiting Station/Fairbanks: 907-451-7876

Thinking about military but too young? Have you considered the:

Alaska Military Youth Academy - their sessions begin in January and July and you do NOT have to unenroll in your school to attend. You must be between 16 and 18.

Satellite Admissions Office (All of Alaska Outside of Anchorage Area)

Phone Numbers:
907-980-9984 (cell/text)

Vocational/Technical schools:

Universal Technical Institute has programs for automotive, motorcycle, NASCAR mechanic/pit crew; diesel technology; marine technology; welding and machining technologies. They have campuses in 12 locations around the country depending on the program you wish to attend.

Wyoming Tech is located in Laramie, WY and is all things automotive or diesel related to include collision repair; power trains and more.

Alaska Vocational Technical Education Center is operated by the State of Alaska Department of Labor and has programs in Business; Information Technology; construction; welding; diesel; maritime; electrical; plumbing & heating; HVAC & refrigeration; and Culinary Arts. It is located in Seward, AK.

AK Job Corps is a federally funded vocational/technical residential program.

DeVry Technical Institute or DeVry College is a technical school in CA and NY. They have programs such as Information Technology; Cybersecurity; programming & networking essentials; data mining; web & mobile application development; software design and solutions; engineering technology; networking & communications management and more.

Institute of American Indian Arts: This is a tribal college in Santa Fe, NM where several very successful Alaskan artists have gone right out of high school. There is financial assistance in particular for Alaska Native students. Non-native students may also attend and there are scholarships that may apply for you as well.

Culinary Institute of America: This is a Culinary Institute that has multiple campuses in the lower 48. There is financial aid available to attend. They have a rigorous training program and schedule.

Looking for a small Christian College:

Alaska Christian College:

Alaska Bible College: