Please see the information below and on the related tabs, which details what to do if you (or your student) are feeling sick or believe you (or your student) may have been exposed to a COVID-positive individual. Please reach out to school officials with any questions.

If you or your student have tested positive for COVID-19, please see the following options:

  • Must isolate for 10-14 days

  • Any staff/student that has tested positive may NOT test out of isolation.

  • Following day 10, positive patients that are fever free for at least 24 hours without fever reducing medication may return to school. It is highly likely that cold-like symptoms, including cough, may persist beyond day 10 of isolation, this is okay.

A close contact is defined as:

  • Someone who's been in proximity (6ft or closer) to a positive patient for a cumulative period of time equal to 15 minutes or greater.

  • Exposure can occur any time during the 10 day isolation period and the 2 days prior. A positive case is considered contagious 2 days prior to onset of symptoms or a positive test result, whichever is first. 

    • So, if person A gets covid on the 5th of the month (either by test or symptoms that are later confirmed by test), then a close contact would be anyone who has been within 6 feet for a cumulative time period of 15 minutes or more from the 3rd on. 

    • The last day of contact with the positive case is day 0 (zero) for close contacts in starting their quarantine. 

    • So, person B could have been around the positive case on the 3rd and person C could have been around the positive case on the 5th. They would both be close contacts but they would have different quarantine dates. Person B would start day 1 of quarantine on the 4th and person C would start day 1 of quarantine on the 6th.

    • In addition, if a family member cannot quarantine away from a positive case, the quarantine starts on day 11 after the positive case has finished the isolation period. (This could very well mean that a student may need to be out of school for up to 20+ days)

Do vaccinated individuals need to quarantine if identified as close contacts?

  • Anyone who is vaccinated does NOT need to quarantine at all. It is highly recommended that they wear masks for the following 14 days after exposure and that they test sometime between days 3-5 and/or at the onset of ANY symptoms (because vaccinated individuals may not have symptoms, but may still spread the virus).

If you or your student have been notified by a public health official that you are a Close Contact, please see the following options:

  • Option 1: Choose not to test, quarantine for 14 days. Return to school on day 15, no restrictions

  • Option 2: 10 day quarantine, return to school on day 11, wear a mask for days 11-14 and remain asymptomatic

  • Option 3: 7 day quarantine, return to school on day 8, bring proof of a negative test performed on day 5, 6, or 7 of quarantine, wear a mask for days 8-14 and remain asymptomatic.

    • Nenana Fire Department - will be providing on-site testing. Schedule TBD, please monitor on City of Nenana website and/or community Facebook page.

    • For school staff and students, contact Nenana City School to schedule testing

    • For symptomatic individuals only - schedule appointment at Nenana Health Clinic

If your student will need to quarantine outside of school...

  • You may sign out a Chromebook and AT&T Mifi device at the main office for the duration of quarantine. Both devices are to be returned to main office when student returns to school.

  • Teachers in grades K-8 will communicate directly with parents to inform them of expectations for attending school remotely.

  • Students in grades 9-12 - attendance in online class meetings is required and students will be regularly assessed and graded, just as in their face-to-face classrooms.

Here are a few links to other relevant information: