The Living Center is has many great opportunities and is a fun place to live. Basketball here is fun. The Living Center has helped me become more independent and to get a better education. Araya Stoffa (Fort Yukon)

Nenana is a good choice to choose as a boarding school because it is fun and there is so much stuff to do. The RA’s and teachers care and love us and I have made so many cool friends here. Tyrell Larson (Russian Mission)

I came to Nenana because it has a good reputation. There is a variety of classes at the school. I have adapted to living away from home and I want to graduate from the school here. Since moving to Nenana, I have made better choices in school and in my personal life. Tiana Ashepak (Kwethluk)

I choose to come to the Nenana Student Living Center because I have heard good stories about living here. The classes are fun and both challenging and easy at the same time. The teachers here are great and they care about your grades and your education. I think that the teachers here care about my education and about me. The RA’s are really nice. Matilda Simon (Chevak)

My roommate is amazing – she is awesome! Today we went skiing and it was super fun. The RA taught me how to ski without falling down. Overall, I have liked my time at the Living Center. Leanne Madros (Kaltag / Anaktuvuk Pass)

I like the people here. They are friendly. I am here so that I can get a better education – to get a head start on life. I have learned to take better care of myself, I even learned to do my own laundry! Mike Dock (Kipnuk)

When I first came to Nenana, I was nervous. All of the teachers and students were very welcoming the first day and I got to see most of my hometown classmates. I plan on coming back next year to the school and the LC. Alisha Thomas (Fort Yukon)