March 8, 2021


Quarter 3 books have been distributed.  Everyone who had an order in early in February should have a book either sitting in their file at the front of the building, waiting for them at the Living Center, or already at home.

Teachers are connecting with students for quarter 4 book titles.   The goal is to order these by the end of March.

See original message below from Oct., 2020 detailing NCS Quarterly Book Distribution and Literacy Council.


    I sincerely hope this letter finds you and your family well. As part of our literacy initiative, Nenana City School is engaging in quarterly book distributions. The plan is for the district to provide reading material to your student(s) to encourage reading at home. We hope to provide your student(s) with one book per school quarter.

    Due to COVID-19 mitigation measures, we were unable to go ahead with a planned quarterly book distribution in the building via your child’s classroom teachers. Instead, teachers asked their students about what kind of book they might like to receive and tried to order those books or similar ones if they were unavailable.

    While we can assure you that we did our best to deliver the specific book your student asked for, we also recognize that, sometimes, a story simply isn’t what you thought it was going to be. If your student starts reading this selection and it’s not for them, don’t feel bad! Trade it with a friend, share it with a family member, or simply bring it back to the school and exchange it for a different one.

    The book distribution is a part of a wider effort on behalf of Nenana City School to foster literacy in our students. We will also be inviting students and their families to monthly Literacy Cafes. Please keep an eye out for an invitation to these Cafes. In a low risk scenario, we plan on feeding you and your family a dinner, providing engaging activities for your child, giving you some time to decompress and ask questions with other adults and professionals, and provide you a book with instructions on specific reading strategies to use at home. In high risk scenarios, we will be delivering materials to you and your readers, and posting informative videos on specific reading activities you can do with your students, including with the books we’re distributing to you now!

    We also have a Literacy Council that we encourage you to join. The Council meets once a month, talks about literacy goals and programming, and helps guide decisions and processes in the school regarding literacy. We’d love to have your voice in the meeting!

    If you have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. My email and phone number can be found at the bottom of the letter. I sincerely look forward to seeing your child in the building as soon as possible. Have a great early winter season, and please encourage your student to check out the included book(s)!

Local students can find their quarterly book in the filing cabinet located at the elementary entrance to the school. Each book should have a slip of paper with the student's name on it tucked in the front of the book, along with our distribution letter. If you or your student cannot swing by to pick up their book, please contact Stephen Calkin to arrange for it to be mailed.

Best Wishes,

Stephen Calkin

Social Studies Teacher/Literacy Grant Director